Igala-Bassa meet on 2024 Governorship as Senator Ugbane advocates 3 governorship aspirants

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Ahead of Kogi Governorship race in 2023, Senator Nicholas Yahaya Ugbane has proposed three governorship aspirants each from any political party in Kogi east to run for the gubernatorial election.

Senator Ugbane raised this opinion in the parley organised by Igala-Bassa Relief Developement initiative held at Grand Ibro Hotel Abuja.

‘These three candidates each according to Senator Ugbane, will cut across all the registered political parties that will participate in the 2024 Kogi Governorship election.’

He said a situation where by Igala nation will feature over a dozen aspirants in a political party had shown enough disadvantage to the people of the area.

He wants this idea inculcated and implemented in the next political dispensation in Kogi State, and also form the crux of the communique at the end of the programme.

Ugbane says the process of featuring multiple candidates is a wasteful venture that had no direct positive bearing on the lives of the people from Kogi East.

‘We spend millions of naira to buy intent form of over 25 Million with precarious ambition, create unhealthy rivalry that the resultant consequences will be a political somersault, throwing the people into endless sufferings.’

‘I want a resolution from this highly revered gathering that each political party producing aspirants from kogi east in the next Governorship election, should not be more than three each, from any political Party.’ ‘When the numbers are minimized and regulated, then after primary election crises can be managed.’

He bemoaned the situation and the bitter competition of political gladiators had thrown the area into, describing the situation as horrible and unfavourable to the people of Kogi east.

‘The events of 2015 and 2019 was devastating, where multiple candidates contested for party tickets with as much as ten igala sons and daughters,rather than harnessing our strength in a politcal party.’ ‘We did it in 2015,and if it was a mistake, why not correct it, this ugly developement must be resolved.’ ‘If not resolved through this political arrangements and other civil outlets like this fora,our people will pay more dearly for it.’

Senator Ugbane expressed optimism that the new arrangement being put forward is achievable, with the coming together of our two former leaders and Governors, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris and Capt Idris Wada.

He used the opportunity to debunk the unfounded rumors and cynicisms that the duo vowed not to see face to face again,saying the people of Kogi east should not give much attention to rumour mongers.’

‘The rumuor making round in town that the two former governors and our leaders,Alhaji Ibrahim Idris and Capt Idris Wada are not in good terms is only merely cooked statement by political adventurers,as what am seeing today is a departure from the impression given overtime.’

Senator Ugbane congratulated the organisers for a well thought out program and begged that this should be the beginning of their orientation to the Igala- Bassa nation.

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