Edwin Clark dims Biafra dream, says no South South states will join

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A foremost leader of the South South region, Edwin Clark says it is wishful thinking for the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) to contemplate inclusion of the South South States in the Map of Biafra.

The Nnamdi Kanu-led IPOB has been in agitation to break away from Nigeria to form Biafra Republic.

Clark, who spoke in an interview with BBC Pidgin, pointed out that the IPOB is very unrealistic in their quest to break the South South and South East out of Nigeria, adding, “To me, IPOB is not pursuing the right thing.”

Though Clark acknowledged that Nnamdi Kanu’s struggle is a good fight, that can wriggle the people of the South East from their present marginalisation in Nigeria.

Clark indicated that that South East only has five states, whereas other regions in the country have six and seven respectively, “Based on what? Nobody knows.”
“For every appointment that is being made in this country, the Igbo are shortchanged. If Universities are being distributed per state, they will have five. Others will have six while North-West will have seven. This is despite the Igbo forming the third leg when this country was created.

“So, they have a good complaint, but going about it wrongly.”
He interogated rhetorically, “How can Delta be part of Biafra? In what way? Is Biafra older or bigger than Delta?

“How can Rivers State or Akwa Ibom become part of Biafra? They are dreaming for still thinking about the Eastern Region of those days.”

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