NIWA MD, Moghalu congratulates Anambra Gov- elect, says victory an expression of democracy

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The Managing Director, National Inland Waterways, Dr George Moghalu has congratulated the Anambra State governor elect, Professor Charles Soludo on his success at the polls.

In a personal letter to Professor Soludo, a copy made available to _Nigerian Links,_ Dr Moghalu described his success at the poll as a righteous expression of democracy.

“On behalf of my family and the Moghalu Campaign Organisation and Support Groups, I write to congratulate you on your election as Governor of our beloved
Anambra State.”

“Your victory is a righteous expression of democracy. It represents not only a personal victory but a triumph for all those who believe in the promise of a genuinely representative democracy built on the foundations of the rule of law and respect for the popular will.”

Dr Moghalu he had hoped to participate in the election as the candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), to contribute to the robust public debates necessary for democracy to thrive and progress to happen.

“However, as a result of adverse machinations against the public good, that was not to be. Nevertheless, I remain as committed today, as I ever was, to the Progress and prosperity of our dear state and the welfare of all her people.”

He maintained that the obligation to seek the progress of Anambra State transcends politics, stressing the need to embrace the higher calling of service to humanity so that by collective effort, Anambra State would become the shining city on a hill.

“Therefore, as you assume the Office of Governor of Anambra State, I want you to know that in every effort you make to better the lives of our people, you will have my support and utmost goodwill. | congratulate you once more, my brother, and I wish you well on your new assignment, Dr Moghalu said.

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