The Tinubu-Shettima Fake Bishops Saga By Farooq Kperogi

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The fake bishops misadventure at Tinubu’s “unveiling” of Shettima as his running mate is such a sophomoric and tragicomical self-own.

It both needlessly aggrandized the lack of religious pluralism in the APC presidential ticket it was supposed to conceal and overshadowed the main event itself. What sort of gluttony for self-ridicule is that?

I just watched a video that purports to be some of the fake bishops taking off their robes and sharing the money they were allegedly paid for their “service,” and I couldn’t control the burst of deep, loud, hearty laughter that escaped from my mouth.

Recall that the Buhari regime had used the same tactic of hiring fake Christian clergy to protest in support of the government. I’m not sure if the video I watched isn’t actually from that time because the fake clergy were also caught on camera taking off their robes and sharing money.


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