2023: Obasanjo’s son, Oluwajuwon declares support for Atiku

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The Son of former President, Oluwajuwon Obasanjo, has declared support for the main opposition Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

The declaration is contained in a letter personally signed by him and released to newsmen in Abuja.

Oluwajuwon Obasanjo pledged and unalloyed support and loyalty to Atiku Abubakar political team in the forthcoming 2023 general election, under the aegis of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

“I have always been a staunch believer of your political ideology, sagacity and your love for the advancement of our great country. I am joining your political team for actualizing your aspiration because i see it as a necessity, seeing that i share the same dream, belief and honestly like to let you know about it”, he stated.

According to him, Every man has an aim, it keeps a man in the right track. Seeing your untiring and helpful work for the distressed humanity and your working for the interest of the poor and vulnerable Nigerians, i have become more entangled in your political sense and love for humanity.

Obasanjo explained that after a careful study of all the contenders in the race for the Presidency in 2023, you are far more outstanding and experienced to take over the mantlebof leadership.

“Your Excellency, you are the last hope as the only tool that can help in changing the destiny of the common people and the nation for good governance, devoid of lies, deception and manipulation.
These qualities, i have envisaged in you being the architect that can bring it to reality. So, i have unequivocally decided to join your political team to birth the new Nigeria of our dream”

He stated, “Considering the present condition of the country and its crop of present leaders, it is shameful and disheartening that they have plunged the nation into a mud and i have also discovered that the power in our country has gone into the hands of wrong people, who have made it nasty, corrupt and murderous. “Leaders, who are working for their own interest neglecting the interest of the common people and not having the destiny of our great nation at heart”.
Obasanjo further added, “i have decided to serve by joining your political team to undo what has been done to our once a great country putting before me your political map to a glorious and prosperous Nigeria as a guide and your initiative, to bring about a reformation in the Nigerian political sphere so as to make it clean, honest and oriented to people’s welfare and wellbeing”

“I am very much confident with no iota of doubt that with you as Nigeria’s president, the country will return to its glory days and flourish once again” Obasanjo remarked.

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