NADECO writes President Tinubu, urges him to return Nigeria to Republican constitution

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The National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) on Tuesday wrote a letter to President Bola Tinubu, seeking Nigeria’s return to the Republican Constitution.

The 1963 Republican Constitution is one that ensures true federalism and guarantees peaceful co-existence among tiers of government in the country.

“Nigeria remains a country not a nation till date because the military had without Nigerians democratic approval truncated, illegally suspended, abrogated and replaced our negotiated independent constitution and replaced it with Unitary Constitution till date,” the letter signed by, NADECO’s spokesman, Ayo Opadokun read.

“NADECO is more than convinced that a return to the Independence/ Republican Constitution will restore a responsive and responsible government in the minimum as we grapple with the business of reconstructing our country which was successively overran/ damaged for the narrow personal interests of politicians in military uniform since January 15, 1966.

“All the many aberrations-political, legal, and structural which the different military dictators whimsically imposed on Nigeria can then be strategically corrected over time.”
Source: Channels TV

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