Inability to protect lives, property of Nigerians, CUPP urges Buhari to resign

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The Leadership of the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) has asked President Muhammad Buhari to immediately tender his resignation over his ineptitude and incompetence that is almost tearing the country apart.

They said rising Insecurity In Nigeria is evidence of ineptitude and gross incompetence of the Muhammadu Buhari led Administration.

They also said that the agitations for secession by some groups and ethnic nationalities are also the results of the protracted injustices and inequities against the Nigerian People.

In a statement by chairman media committee of CUPP Chukwudi Ezeobika, he said as a Coalition, they view with serious concerns, the prolonged injustices and inequalities perpetrated by the Buhari administration which has consistently divided the Nation along ethnic and religious lines.

Accordingly, he said the anomalies have the potentials of leading to the disintegration of the Nigerian State.

“The increasing insurgency, kidnapping and uncontrolled terrorist activities orchestrated by the illegal activities of fulani herdsman in connivance with ISIS and ISWAP terrorists, have shown that the Buhari administration lacks the requisite intelligence and or capacity to protect lives and property of the Nigerian citizens which remain the primary responsibility of the government.

“The unprecedented rot in critical sectors and life of the Nigerian State such as in security, health, power and economy as well as in other critical democratic institutions, has made it expedient for Muhammadu Buhari to redeem the image of the Nigerian State by honourably resigning as President and Commander in Chief.

“The looming agitations for secession by various Confederating units and indigenous groups in Nigeria are as a result of the reprehensible actions and or inactions of the Buhari led government which assault, on a daily basis, the very spirit of our unity and corporate coexistence as a people.

“The ongoing destruction of numerous democratic institutions in Nigeria, most especially security networks and structures
as well as electoral institutions, portends a grave danger to democracy and Rule of Law in Nigeria.

“The uncontrolled daily maiming and killing of Military and Police officers across the States of the federation, calls to question, the competence of the sitting President in the discharge of the functions attached to his office as the Commander in Chief.’

The chairman indicated that the inept and incompetent leadership consciously foisted on Nigerians by the Buhari administration is responsible for unlawful killings, kidnappings and maiming of innocent Nigerian citizens across the length and breadth of the federation with no end in sight.

“Being at the very point of disintegration and total collapse, we as a Coalition, call on all Nigerians to be awakened to these very realities which pose as imminent threat to our collective survival and coexistence as a people.”

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