Kogi Poll: Sen. Aidoko leads opposition party members to APC, says ethnic agenda won’t fly

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As the November 11 governorship election approaches in Kogi State, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) continues to gain significant support from the people, with members of opposition parties increasingly joining the APC and endorsing Hon Ododo Ahmed Usman, the APC gubernatorial candidate.

On Wednesday evening, Governor Yahaya Bello welcomed the entire People’s Democratic Party (PDP) structure from Olamaboro Local Government Area, led by Senator Attai Aidoko Ali, into the APC.

Governor Bello commended the group for their courageous decision to join the ruling party and contribute to the state’s development. He reiterated his commitment to maintaining an inclusive government, where both longstanding and new APC members are afforded equal opportunities to work towards the overall welfare of the people.

The Governor emphasised the significance of fostering unity among ethnic groups within the state.

Acknowledging the division that existed along ethnic lines when he assumed office, he expressed satisfaction that the current administration had been able to successfully unite the people towards a common goal, considering this unity a lasting legacy.

Senator Attai Aidoko Ali, speaking on behalf of the delegation, stressed that the current agenda before the people was National Political Integration, wherein individuals could actively participate in prominent roles that would bring honour and glory to the state.

The senator emphasised the need for a broad-based coalition that transcends party and ethnic lines in order to achieve the overall progress and development of Kogi State.

Furthermore, Senator Aidoko criticized the proponents of ethnic agenda, describing them as narrow-minded and detrimental to the state’s advancement.

He advocated for a more inclusive approach that prioritizes the interests of all Kogi State residents, irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds.

By rejecting divisive politics and embracing a broader vision, Senator Aidoko believes that Kogi State can achieve greater unity and collective prosperity.

He highlighted Governor Yahaya Bello’s influential position within the ruling party at both the federal and state levels, asserting that Bello serves as the ideal catalyst to integrate Kogi into the mainstream of national political participation.

Senator Aidoko argued that Kogi should no longer take a passive role in Nigeria’s national political development, given the ruling party’s electoral successes in the state since 2015.

While commending Governor Bello for his administration’s achievements, Senator Aidoko urged him to steadfastly pursue his vision for a greater Kogi State, free from narrow-minded agendas.

The delegation pledged unwavering support and expressed their commitment to stand firmly behind the governor at all times. Drawing on his extensive political experience in both chambers of the National Assembly over 16 years, Senator Aidoko vowed to utilize his political capital, which spans across the state, particularly in the Eastern Senatorial District, to ensure the victory of the APC candidate in the November 11 governorship election.

The delegation accompanying Senator Aidoko consisted of the pioneer State Secretary of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria, the former Chairman of the PDP Olamaboro Local Government Area, ward chairmen and secretaries, as well as other key party stakeholders.

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